Name Version Description Download size Package link Package signature
awesome-freedesktop-git 105.6951b09-6 compliant desktop entries and menu for Awesome WM 28,37KiB file signature
ccat 1.1.0-4 Colorizes output for cat. 1129,40KiB file signature
checkupdates-aur-tos 0.04-1 checkupdates for aur 18,26KiB file signature
ckbcomp-tos 1.215-1 Compile a XKB keyboard description to a keymap suitable for loadkeys or kbdcontrol 48,20KiB file signature
filesystem 2022.09.09-2 Base TOS Linux files 14,68KiB file signature
gnome-shell-extension-blur-my-shell 46-2 Extension that adds a blur look to different parts of the GNOME Shell 125,19KiB file signature
gnome-shell-extension-clipboard-indicator 45-1 Adds a clipboard indicator to the top panel, and caches clipboard history 63,27KiB file signature
gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock 1 Move the dash out of the overview transforming it in a dock 235,06KiB file signature
gnome-shell-extension-pano 10.r6.g85a4ed0-1 Next-gen Clipboard Manager 229,71KiB file signature
gnome-shell-extension-pano-git 3.r2.g871fb08-1 Next-gen Clipboard Manager 210,26KiB file signature
gnome-shell-extension-pop-shell-git r918.4c03091-1 Pop Shell - Tiling window management in Gnome (WIP) 100,24KiB file signature
greenclip 3.3-1 Clipboard manager to use with rofi - Image support and blacklist 897,46KiB file signature
installer 3.2.61-5 calamares installer for TOS 65,71MiB file signature
installer-backend r107.664b5d2-1 API for installing Operating Systems 76,82KiB file signature
iwlwifi-ucode 1-1 Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165, Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265, Intel® Dual Band Wireless-N 7265, Intel® Wireless-N 7265 firmware 43,14MiB file signature
kernel-modules-hook 0.1.7-1 Keeps your system fully functional after a kernel upgrade 3,88KiB file signature
libinput-gestures-tos 2.51-1 Actions gestures on your touchpad using libinput with the pre configured tos files 39,48KiB file signature
libxft-bgra 2.3.5-1 X FreeType library with support for BGRA glyphs and scaling. 84,76KiB file signature
lightdm-webkit2-tos-greeter 2.2.5-2 LightDM greeter that uses WebKit2 for theming via HTML/JavaScript tos exstention. 3,67MiB file signature
linux-tos 6.1.8.tos1-1 None 175,04MiB file signature
linux-tos-docs 6.1.8.tos1-1 None 28,31MiB file signature
linux-tos-headers 6.1.8.tos1-1 None 37,12MiB file signature
lsb-release 1.4-15 LSB version query program 8,77KiB file signature
lua-lgi-tde Lua bindings for gnome/gobject using gobject-introspection library 283,92KiB file signature
motd-live r18.1ca4e3a-1 Dynamically update your motd when logging in over ssh 21,15KiB file signature
perl-checkupdates-aur 0.04-1 checkupdates for aur 28,10KiB file signature
perl-www-aur 0.22-3 API for the Archlinux User Repository website. 63,05KiB file signature
picom-tryone-tos 1672_8.rc2.263.g9207e09_2022.02.20-1 Picom the X Compositor 801,03KiB file signature
pkgstats r60.492b7b4-1 Submit a list of installed packages to the TOS project 2,50MiB file signature
plymouth-theme-tos r3.d8808c5-1 The plymouth theme for tde/tos 236,34KiB file signature
pop-launcher-git 1.2.1.r12.ge9bafd1-1 Modular IPC-based desktop launcher service 2,82MiB file signature
pop-shell-shortcuts-git 1 Application for displaying and demoing Pop Shell shortcuts 204,18KiB file signature
psi-notify 1.0.1.r19.gd79bdf5-1 Minimalistic PSI notifier using libnotify 24,25KiB file signature
r8152-dkms A kernel module for Realtek RTL8152/RTL8153/RTL8154/RTL8156 Based USB Ethernet Adapters 113,12KiB file signature
readme-generator-git r69.2402c45-1 A basic tool to generate modern readme's 19,46KiB file signature
repo-manager r4.55fd4e7-1 Build system to easily integrate tos functionality on your system 41,22KiB file signature
rofi-tos r3207.f6a3832a-1 A window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement 272,85KiB file signature
sddm-theme-tos-git r41.a1fae51-1 Sugar Candy theme for tos 6,44MiB file signature
shunit-git r46.81390a9-1 A basic unit testing framework for bash 19,12KiB file signature
siji-git r23.c691f20-2 Iconic bitmap font based on stlarch with additional glyphs 36,19KiB file signature
skel r797.e6d8e5a-1 Default user settings for when you need to create a new user 17,30MiB file signature
st-tos r1143.bdf6b9a-1 Simple Terminal from (Fork) 65,97KiB file signature
system-updater r234.18b6841-1 TOS System updater takes care of migration old installs to newer versions 21,46KiB file signature
tde 11693-1 TDE (TOS Desktop Environment) 20,77MiB file signature
tde-apps 1-6 An extra set of applications of desktop environments 15,94KiB file signature
tde-contrib 1-1 Contribution package that contains extra functionality for TDE 15,87KiB file signature
tde-greeter 1.2.2-1 a sleek, modern and lightdm theme for TDE 9,96MiB file signature
tde-touchegg r636.ce3889f-1 Linux multi-touch gesture recognizer 244,40KiB file signature
tdraw 0.1.0-1 A simple drawing app 34,93KiB file signature
text-engine 0.1.1-3 A lightweight rich-text framework for GTK 34,55KiB file signature
tos-base 9-1 Minimal package set to contain tos without a GUI 17,15KiB file signature
tos-base-desktop 8-1 Package set for the tos desktop 43,55KiB file signature
tos-build-system r30.019de4d-1 Build system to easily integrate tos functionality on your system 43,08KiB file signature
tos-grub-theme r10.e543e4a-1 TOS - GRUB2 theme 203,91KiB file signature
tos-keyring 20230125-1 TOS Linux PGP keyring 24,64KiB file signature
tos-shell 43-2 Helper shell extension to improve the gnome workflow 148,36KiB file signature
tos-tools r437.5a599b9-1 A lot of tools used to make life easier on tos 40,72KiB file signature
ttf-abel-regular 1.0-1 Abel is a modern interpretation of the condensed flat-sided sans serif. 33,29KiB file signature
ttf-symbola-free 9.00-1 font with grayscale emoji, older free version 1450,73KiB file signature
visual-studio-code-insiders-bin 1685660861-1 Editor for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications (insiders version) 116,49MiB file signature
xcursor-human 0.6-4 Ubuntu's default cursor theme 28,09KiB file signature
xidlehook 0.10.0-1 xautolock rewrite in Rust, with a few extra features 1092,62KiB file signature
yay 12.0.5.r11.g29f47a4-1 Yet another yogurt. Pacman wrapper and AUR helper written in go. (tos version) 6,25MiB file signature
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